Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks Uncle Josh!

The last of our Christmas presents arrived today! My brother, Josh, gave Naomi and I these matching bags. We are so excited about them! (They arrived a little late because he ordered them on Etsy and didn't realize they were coming all the way from Turkey!) Naomi's is just the right size to be a little church bag for her - just enough room for a pad of paper and a pen (which is all she needs to help her sit quietly for hours on end).

Also, in this shot - my updated hair do. It was cut over Christmas by my talented SIL Jessica.


Jessica said...

Very cute bags. And I'm so glad you like your hair!

angela michelle said...

Oh my gosh Nancy you look like a million bucks! If you lose 10 more pounds you will either disappear or launch a new career as a supermodel!

Cheaper than the movies and there's free coffee said...

I'm so glad you finally got it! It looks great on you and Naomi.