Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ya know how I started a blog about my jewelry not too long back? Well, I'm really excited about hosting a giveaway on that site next week and linking it to Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. I hope that will increase my traffic to the blog, and in turn to my shop. But the thing is, right now the blog kinda looks like nobody reads it. I know a few of you do since I can see that on my Analytics, but I need it to LOOK like somebody reads it. To give me some street cred. So if you've got some time, could you please go leave a few comments on that blog? Even if it's nothing creative in the comment, just seeing that "4 comments" instead of "0 comments" will make a big difference.

I know, it's shameless. But really I just want it to look like I get as much traffic as I actually do. Or maybe more. More would be OK, too. ... Totally shameless. [Shaking head]


angela michelle said...

not at all shameless! I think everyone should do this on everyone's blogs!

Spencer and Kami said...

I agree - One thing I love about blogging is the feedback I get from some of my posts. I know a lot of my family members view it, but so few of them actually comment on it! I don't think you are being shameless at all my dear!