Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Blues

I just wrote the following:

In some ways, I hate the weekends. You people don't blog enough! Here I have more time than usual to read blogs since Richard is home, and you guys return the favor by not blogging! Ugh. I need to be entertained, people! Stop spending quality time with your families and write something funny!

And I seriously thought about clicking the "Publish Post" button with just that. And then I realized that I need some happy pills. Sheesh. Downer!

Here's a funny to story to make it up to you:

Asher woke up from his nap today and called to me in his usual way "Mom! I ready to wake up!... Mom, I ready to wake up!... Mom! {emphasis on each syllable} I rea-dy to wake up!" When I walked into his room the first thing he said {in an urgent tone} was "I need... a snack, Mom." Like he had seriously deliberated on this for some time and come to the educated conclusion that his body was in need of nourishment.

Ok, so that's not that funny of a story. More like just a quirky piece of my life with Asher. But - at least it's not totally cynical, right?


angela michelle said...

I feel the same way when my husband is gone and there's nothing going on and no one is blogging--it's like they're all rubbing it in my face that they have a life when I don't!

Why don't you spend your weekend time finding cheap airfare to slc?

p.s. the boys were fine--they were just absorbed in book hunting and lost track of time.

erica said...

every time I read something you write, I like you more. I wish were were neighbors. or at least in the same time zone

Ruth said...

I love it when you write little stories like that about you kids!