Friday, January 2, 2009


My "cut short" trip is now back to it's original length. Turns out the woman who told Richard about those alleged $50 flight changes that you can make 12 hours before a desired flight was full of hooey. Nonetheless, Richard and I decided to cough up the $150 for a flight change and stick with going home this weekend. That is, until I took the boys to the doctor today and they were both diagnosed with sinus and ear infections. No way am I traveling with sick kids again. So, now we're back to our original plans to stay in Texas through the 9th. I probably wouldn't have taken the boys in to the doctor today were it not for the fact that I thought I was going to be traveling this weekend, so I guess maybe that's why we had to go down this road - to force me to take them in. Poor Isaiah has the worst ear infection and it is clearly bothering him. He screamed at bedtime for a good hour tonight. That is so unlike him! And Asher isn't as bad, they say, but I think that's just because he has already mostly gotten over it. They are both good troopers. Maybe too good!

I am excited that this new/old plan means we get another weekend with the Grandones. Tomorrow we'll head to the zoo for some fun. And I haven't even gone to church here yet since I was in Ohio last Sunday so it'll be nice to be around for that. Plus, if the boys' antibiotics kick in I might actually be able to go to the gym this next week. So it's all looking up.

A couple of days ago I drove to our old house in Plano and then drove from there my old route to my High School. Oh, the memories. I got a ticket there... I had a date there... I went there after that one thing... But the place has changed so much! That side of town is totally more developed. I actually almost got lost because a road that used to dead end, now keeps on going! And the school has been added on to. It was quite a tripy trip. I dreamt a weird collage of memories that night. If only I had been as confident then as I am now... So many of my "problems" were just my own neuroses. I know that's probably a pretty common High School related thought. If only I really could write a letter to myself in my youth like that country song talks about. I'd say things like "the girls in church don't really hate you, they just don't know you - which is your fault." And "just smile at everybody and you'll have loads of friends." And "Don't worry, you'll rock college" Happiness seemed so evasive then and it seems so simple now. Not easy or always present, but simple.


AudreyO said...

On a recent visit to my mom, I took a walk to my old junior high school. I was pretty impressed. As a kid, it was a 20 minute walk. Now all these years later, it was still a 20 minute walk for me.

Cheaper than the movies and there's free coffee said...

When I was moving, I found all these old journals and sketchbooks of mine. I used to write a lot. I came to the exact same conclusion about my own adolescent insecurities and have begun to continue the journals with the added perspective of another ten years. Sometimes it's hard to remember just what was going through my head back then. Fortunately, I wrote it down and it's been really constructive to reconcile the turmoil of those years. Treasure those bitter memories. They made you the wonderful person you are today.

"I never never never wanna be young again"
-Gogol Bordello