Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm having a problem with motivation today. I should really be cleaning and organizing the house in preparation for tomorrow. But instead I'm sitting here on the computer wasting time.

Tomorrow I'm going to Girl's Camp. Just for 24 hours or so, but still, Mommy being away for any amount of time takes some planning. I leave tomorrow at 1pm. The babysitter, Alex, will have the kids all afternoon. She usually just is here for 2 hours in the morning. So I really need to write up some instructions and such. And Richard isn't sure when he'll be able to get off work (he's finishing up a big project) so Alex may even have to feed the kids and put them to bed. There is still a pile of stuff in the living room leftover from our garage sale this past weekend (anybody want a personal gym or DVD burner?). The dining room table is scattered with the stuff leftover from my project of decorating 20 hats for the girls at Girl's Camp. The dishes are a bit piled up. The last load of laundry should be folded. And a million other things too, really.

...This was very therapeutic. After looking over my pathetic list of things to do I have decided that I should just stop complaining and do it! I want to go to Girl's Camp - it was my choice, I don't have to go. And I want to be able to enjoy my time away from home. If I don't get this place cleaned up, I'll dread coming back to it. So, off I go. ... But I'm taking the kids out to dinner later. That's my compromise.

Thanks for your help!


angela michelle said...

So glad we could help!
Love your compromise--I frenquently bribe myself with things like that.
Hope you had a great day away!

Jessica said...

Girls camp sound like so much fun! I think Alex's title should be nanny. It sounds cooler than babysitter. just my opinion.

erica said...

I wish I could just run over and help. hope you had fun at camp!