Friday, November 30, 2007

To Grandmother's house we go

Today I just want to take a second and thank the fabulous Margaret Worth, my mother-in-law. Today I dropped all three kids off at her house. She played with and fed the kids while I got the oil changed in the car and went out to lunch all by myself. This is a weekly ritual that I am VERY thankful for. What Mom isn't thankful for a chance to not feel like everybody else is more important for a minute?

My brother, Joe, and his wife, Jessica, just moved their family close to my parents. I miss my mom constantly. She is one of my best friends. So, of course, I am jealous of Jessica. They get to be there for the just-hanging-out kind of days that are so hard to get when you are visiting for a short while. Their kids will be so well known by their grandparents.

But when I start to feel jealous I just think how thankful I am to have Margaret nearby. I'm sure her daughters (and sons too for that matter) are jealous that I live near to her. We are at Grant and Margaret's house for the just-hanging-out kind of days. Margaret knows my kids so well. My kids love Grandma Worth.

But I am thankful to/for Margaret for more reasons than just because she takes care of my kids. She is also a very thoughtful friend and confidant. Plus, she's a riot to talk to. She continuosly teaches me about motherhood, parenting, husband/wife relations, the gospel, life, being happy, living frugally, being self-reliant, dealing with troubles, etc. She is great.

If you don't know her - go check out her blog. There are some great stories, great humor and great lessons to be learned (plus, most recently, some really cute pics of Asher from Thanksgiving).

Margaret's blog

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Nancy Clark said...

Yes, she is great.

Yes, we are all jealous.