Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cut Short

So I was thinking about delving in to the world of putting pictures on the blog today. I hesitate to do that when I'm at my parents house because their computer does things differently than mine at home and last time I did it their computer stole all my picture off my memory card and I never got them back. I was gonna risk it today anyway because I have some seriously cute pictures on there. But I've changed my mind. And here's why: I'm going home early. Richard and I decided to cut our trip short a week and come home this weekend instead of the next. When we originally made plans to stay this long we thought there would be a wedding as the culmination of the time here, but since the wedding is postponed, those two weeks post-Christmas just seem like a long time. Just as a reminder, Richard is at home in Virginia working right now. He was supposed to fly down here in a week and a half to drive home with us. Now our hope is that Richard can switch to a flight this Friday evening. He won't know for sure until Friday (you can switch to any flight there's room on for only $50 if you wait until just 12 hours before the flight you want to be on - on American Airlines anyway). Anywho - that's the latest around here.

Tonight's big New Year's plans are to head out to my bro Joe's farm in Podunk, Texas and have a huge bonfire. Then after the kids are all tuckered out we'll send them home (with Grandma and Grandpa) and party on some more. My sis-in-law Jessica does this thing where she gets all these raw foods out and a big tabletop grill and you cook your own food right in front of you on the table. Then we'll play some games. Then I'm sleeping over there tonight because no way am I driving the hour home through little, dark back-woods roads on the drunkest night of the year.

So, until next year...

(Come one, you know I had to say it...)

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