Monday, May 18, 2009


Every time one of my children says "Mooooom?", some more of the life blood drains out of me. It's slowly killing me.

Isaiah saw an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist today who declared that Isaiah has no physical or medical reason for not speaking. Next step: evaluations by a speech therapist and a child development specialist.

Our insurance won't pay for the above mentioned speech therapist or child development specialist because Isaiah has no "physical anomaly" causing his lack of speech.

Naomi only has two days of school left before "graduation" from Preschool.

I only have one full day left before I leave for Utah. Alone. For 4 days. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are re-surfacing the road in front of our house. It is very, very loud and kept me from napping at nap time today. But the constant parade of dump trucks, diggers, and all kinds of machinery is so exciting to Asher that it's worth it.

Spell checker isn't working. I have no idea if I spelled "anomaly" correctly. I'm guessing I didn't.


erica said...

our school district has speech therapy for free for toddlers. maybe yours does too. my sisters toddler didn't speak either...until almost 3. then he spoke in sentences and hasn't quit. maybe???

angela michelle said...

I'm with you on the "Mooom!" Logan has a magical talent of screaming "MOOOOOM!" from the nether regions of the house each and every time my bootie hits the toilet seat. On cue. Like magic. Black magic.

Ruthie said...

You are such a good, loving, selfless mom to consider your son's sweet obsession with diggers, trucks, etc. of more importance than your beloved afternoon nap.