Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunshine and Birdies

We've been busy basking in the mild sunshine around here. The last few days have finally been rain-free and in the mid-70's. These are the days that make me love living in Virginia. Spring. Ahhhhh. We've watched almost no TV, the kids are happy and tired at nap time, the carpet is a mess from all the in and out, the windows are streaming sunshine in, we all got our first sun-kissed-cheeks today. It's just perfect.

As a nice little Spring treat for us, a robin has built it's nest above the light right outside our front door. The kids love to greet her as we come and go. Naomi calls her our pet. Her name is officially "Mommy Bird". We don't hear any little cheep-cheep's yet, but we're sure we will soon.
I tried to get a pic of her in her nest, but she doesn't really like it when we walk out the front door and she flys away to protectively watch as we load in the van. But by the time I've got the van in reverse, she's back in her nest.


angela michelle said...

how fun! what a perfect, happy little event for your little kids!

erica said...

can we be neighbors?

Grampa Earl said...

Nice! A hand mirror should give you a chance to see eggs and check their progress without bothering Momma bird too much. What fun!