Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Day

Today I am in Utah with my sister Angela. This morning I attended my ex-mission-companions wedding in the Salt Lake temple. It was beautiful. It was a fabulous Springy day here and I enjoyed sitting on the grounds of the temple and listening to birds sing, family's reunite and chat, and the feeling of closeness to the Lord. I saw my mission President and his wife for the first time since my mission. It was so good to see them. Tonight, Ang and I will go to the reception for my friend. It's supposed to be at a fancy place. I am looking forward to the good food there and the fun of chatting with Ang in a grown-up setting.

All these things make me happy. It was a good day. Some strong emotions were present, but it was a good day.

Oh, and my sister Ruth just told me that So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight. That's definitely a happy thought!

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