Monday, May 11, 2009

Isaiah's Birthday/Mother's Day

As peaceful as my Saturday was, that's how crazy our Sunday was. Richard and I were both teaching at church, it was Isaiah's birthday, and Mother's Day. And, since I had taken 6 hours off the day before, the house was kind of a disaster. But we pulled it all together and had a nice day anyway. The Worth's came over for dinner and the men cooked us a yummy meal. So the women sat down to relax. Except, what happens when Mommy sits down? The kids attack!

After dinner we started the birthday festivities. And about 10 minutes later they concluded. Poor Isaiah got kind of jipped. It was late by then and so we just had time enough to down a cupcake and open presents then it was off to bed for the kids. But, ya know, he's 2. He probably won't be scarred for life (unless he reads this). Happy Birthday, my baby. I just want to eat you up on a daily basis!

Here he is shoving in the frosting of the cupcake (no cake - just frosting).
And here he is drooling chocolate. He got the chocolate from "under the plates" (a Worth birthday tradition).
A squishy football...
The Little People Airplane (the biggest hit)...
A dog that you pull behind you on a string and it wags it's tail and such...
(pic from the next morning)
Don't you love how little kids crouch like this? It's just so cute!
Happy Birthday, Poochy! We're so glad you're in our family. We're better people whenever you're around.


Elieson Family said...

Wow, happy mother's day!
Loved the birthday party - and you're right, he's 2, don't sweat it. Sounds like you had a fantastic Saturday also. My gosh! Will you be there Thursday?

angela michelle said...

Jesse says, "He has my airplane!" I can't wait to see your kids again--it's been too long!