Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Things I've been busy doing:
Craving Taco Bell burrito's and nacho's
Making a cute Spring banner for the kitchen
Rotating the winter clothes out
Stocking up on new summer clothes for Asher and Naomi (Isaiah will be wearing what Asher did last year of course)
Getting acquainted with the Young Women in my ward and my new calling
Taking care of Richard who is having foot problems (he'll be working from home for at least the next week)
Trying not to go insane while it rain's day after day (the sandbox is taunting Asher every day that he can't go out there)
Being called "Mommy Captain" by Asher (not sure why or where it came from)
Planning "rainy day" activities for the kids - like Twister. Check out Naomi's mad skillz.


angela michelle said...

I bet twister is a lot of fun with those 3. sounds like a bunch of great stuff to keep you busy.

Ruthie said...

Wow! Naomi does have some mad skills! Maybe she should be in dance or gymnastics or something. And how cute that Asher calls you "Mommy Captain." Has he made the connection between your leadership at home and the leader of the boat on one of his TV shows or movies?