Monday, May 25, 2009

Highlights of My Trip to Utah

I'm happily back home again. But I'd better catch up on pictures by showing you some highlights of my trip.

Here you see a (poorly taken at a weird angle by little Haley) picture of my sister, Angela, and I. We are wearing the same brand and style of pants and shirt as each other, just in different colors. No, we did not plan it. We tend to dress our children in the same clothes, too. ...Great minds, ya know?

The main reason for this trip was to see my friends Janae get married in the Salt Lake Temple. Her reception that night was lovely, too. I'm so glad I could be there for her, just like she was there for me at my wedding. She was so happy. She kept saying "I'm married!"

We also had a pizza party one night with Richard's sister, Nancy, and fam. I was honored to meet baby Robbie for the first time. He is just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I just couldn't stop looking at him. And it was so good to see Nancy, Chris and fam. (For you Ashurst's who are wondering why Nancy and Chris were in Utah - it's not that Nancy and Chris. Richard's sister, Nancy, is married to Chris. That's right - two sets of Nancy and Chris's.)

Here's a clump of Qshurst-McGee kids mingling with Clark kids (Nancy and Chris's fam). They bonded over computer games.

Here I am enjoying a very entertaining game of Apples to Apples with Roscoe and Logan. The highlight was apparently when I chose "Ronald McDonald" for the word "Sexy". In my defense, the only other option was "Barbies". Roscoe may be teasing me about this for decades.

It was a truly wonderful trip. I had plenty of time to play, but also plenty of solitary time to think and pray and mourn and heal. A big thank you to my wonderful hosts. And to Richard for letting me go. And to Margaret for helping with the kids. What a wonderful family I have.

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angela michelle said...

nice pics! so glad you caught one of naked Jess :)