Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emily and The Trip to the Zoo

This past week, Emily (a niece on Richard's side of the family) was visiting our nation's Capitol. And it just so happens that we live in the same area! So, lucky us, we got to visit with sweet Emily. She came to our house for dinner on Sunday and then yesterday the kids and I got to go to the National Zoo with her and Grandma Worth. Naomi was a big fan of Emily from the start because Emily would answer all her (many) questions. They sat in the backseat together for the entire hour long drive to the zoo, quizzing each other and chatting like scholars. The zoo was great - although I wonder how it's possible that we walked in circles but it was still always uphill! That place is a scientific wonder!

Here is Richard, Kevin and Emily playing a game on Sunday night after dinner.

The Zoo!

Everybody loves Grandma Worth!

Here's Emily. Asher and Naomi always wanted to walk next to her.
I brought a bottle of Gatorade because I thought I might get tired and need a little pick-me-up. And I did. I was so glad I had brought it. That is until Isaiah saw the bottle and demanded control of it. He drank about half the bottle. Which may explain why everyone in the car fell asleep on the way home except for Isaiah. Can you say sugar high?

It was a fun trip and we are so glad we got to see Emily. She is such a sweet young woman, and we just don't see enough of her!


ladyshanae said...

Hi - cute pics and fun and blah blah blah ok, really I'm commenting because I am curious about what game they all were playing?

I know, I am such a loser friend.

But the game looks really interesting! So what is it?

Also - your kids are just as adorable as ever and I want to squish them all! Maybe this fall . . . I think I'm gonna try and head out there again! LOVE YA!

angela michelle said...

looks like a beautiful day at the zoo. you don't look hot and sticky at all! maybe I'll be okay?!

Jolie said...

Wow, Emily is getting so big and grown up! I was able to talk to her a little with Grant and Margaret called me. Doesn't she look like her mom?! Looks like you all had fun!