Monday, July 20, 2009


I hired the babysitter to come today so that I could go to Naomi's ballet class and actually watch the entire thing instead of chase after the boys. I had a lovely time. Unfortunately, Asher really likes being chased after at ballet and threw a huge fit about being left out.

My to-do list has a million things crossed off! Unfortunately, every time I go to look at it and cross things off, I also add a couple of things.

I washed the bathroom rugs today. Unfortunately, one of them started unraveling itself to bits and left blue strings all over my washing machine while self-destructing.

I hung the other rugs on the front porch railing to dry on this beautiful day. Unfortunately, within minutes of doing that, the kids came in from the backyard saying "It's raining!"

I bought some yummy, gourmet taffy like a month ago to save for when my family is here. Unfortunately, it was too tempting and I already started eating it.

But it's all OK. I'm having fun cleaning these bits of my house that I usually just walk past and ignore. And my house is so clean! And tomorrow my guests start arriving! Ruthie, my Dad, Jessica and her three kids are the first installment. I can't wait!!!


Spencer and Kami said...

You are awesome Nancy :) And your home really does look fantastic!

erica said...

some day, I want you to take everyone on a walking tour of your house so we folks who don't see it can appreciate the Nancy-ness and enjoy your decor and 'love at home' feel.