Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm present -just busy. We just got back from our four days in "The Cottages" at Algonkian Regional Park. It was a great few days. We swam and played and ran after kids and hollered and joked and played Phase 10 and hot tubbed. We ate total garbage pretty much 24/7. It was great chaos! Now we're on to the next family reunion (that was my family reunion, now we're going to my Mom's family reunion). We're all sleeping at my house now. Oh, except for my parents who chickened out and got a hotel. So that means there will only be 18 people staying at my house. It's all very crazy, but all very fun. Tomorrow we're kayaking on the Potomac, hitting some DC museums, swimming, and doing a family talent show. The two days after that are just as packed. I'll try to stick some pictures on here at some point. I really haven't been taking many pictures since my SIL has such a great camera and it makes mine look pathetic.


Farmer Joe said...

Thanks so much for swallowing what has got to be a decidedly difficult pill in letting so many children run amok in your nice house. Thanks for your patience and whatnot - I know our ways are not your ways and you are probably having to look the other way over and over again, but we do appreciate it!

Elieson Family said...

Ahh! I've been missing you! Hope you are having a blast. See you when you resurface full of family-energy.