Sunday, July 5, 2009

Girl's Camp

On Thursday afternoon I turned the kids over to "Alex The Babysitter" and took off for the hills. When I left in the van, with no kids, carseats, or strollers it was a truly euphoric experience. I was seriously giddy. Who cares if you have to sleep on the ground if it means a break from Mommyhood. It had been a long week with Richard working so much and I was seriously in need of a break.

I got to camp in time for their skits, then it was quiet time which I used to catch up on the camp gossip with the other leaders. Two of our girls had already gone home with raging fevers thanks to Strep Throat that they were passing around. Another girl went home that night. Then we had a scrumptious dinner of home-fried french fries (with burgers and dogs on the side). That evening was the big testimony meeting and an incredibly well-planned spiritual "challenge" that had me in tears several times. We didn't get back to our camp-ground until after 11pm and didn't make it near a bed until closer to 12. I decided on sleeping in the back of the van (rather than setting up a new tent for just one night) which was great except that it was on a slight slant so I had to wedge my feet under the seats to keep from sliding forward. The next day flew by with goodbyes and cleaning up the camp and by noon I was back in the van on my way home with six tired, stinky, silly, punch-drunk girls.

I'm so glad I got to go. The girl's seemed glad to see me - which makes me happy. Girl's Camp was always such a special experience for me, so I'm glad I got to be a part of their experience. The leaders who were there the entire week kept saying how wonderful it was for me to come up and I kept replying that it wasn't as wonderful as staying up there the whole time like they had! Next year I'd really like to be able to go the entire time. I missed out on so much!

...Remind me of that next year, OK?


Ruthie said...

YOU want to CAMP for a WHOLE WEEK?!?! Who are you and what did you do with my sister?

Rebecca said...

I'm not a camper (as in, I never ever want to sleep outside under the stars ever again) so I like your idea to sleep in the car. Smart thinking. I'll have to remember that if I ever have to go to girls camp.