Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We love our iBert!

Well, the first of our 20 guests arrived last night. There are currently 5 adults and 6 kids living in my house. But it's going really well! We even managed to find each person a little space for a nap this afternoon (one kid in the laundry room and one in a hall!).

This evening Jessica took her 3 kids to play mini-golf so our little family had some time to ourselves. A couple of days ago I surprised Richard by buying him an "iBert". It's a great child-seat for a bike. It goes on the front of the bike instead of the back - which makes it easier for Richard to ride and balance, and more fun for the kid who has a great unimpeded view of the fun. It was a total hit! Both boys are small enough to fit in it (one at a time, I mean). Asher wouldn't try it until he saw Isaiah having fun, but as soon as he got in he enjoyed it even more than Isaiah. Asher loves speed.


angela michelle said...

how cute!

Jessica said...

We are having a blast!

Paice Family said...

Cool! I want to get one of those. This is the first time I have seen one go on the front. Now I've definitely got to get a bike.