Saturday, July 11, 2009

Squirrels Collecting Nuts

(see video)

The kids and I had a fun trip out to Great Falls Park today. Great Falls Park is famous for it's waterfalls, but what my kids love about it is the rocks to climb on. It was a little hotter than we planned so we didn't stay long. The highlight for the kids was when they found a shady place with these nut-like things all over the ground. They decided they needed to "help the squirrels collect the nuts" so they started gathering them into a pile. All three kids ran around in circles for like 20 minutes collecting nuts.

My sister, Angela, calls her smaller children "squirrels" because they are always running around in circles, busy busy busy, making piles and feeling urgent about everything. That's exactly how my kids were today. They definitely were the squirrels.

Here's Asher with a lovely collection of rocks.

I love this picture of Isaiah because he looks like some dessert creature climbing out from between two rocks ready to do something mischievous.

Asher and Naomi climbed up these rocks all by themselves!


Farmer Joe said...

" the squirrels will know where they are" and "Where are the squirrels anyway?"


Jessica said...

lucky squirrels!

angela michelle said...

love that picture of isaiah!

Elieson Family said...

We've been there once - the park - and enjoyed it. And your mantle looks great, I want to try out Home Goods. Where is it? Oh! I just did a search and apparently the Super Target in Leesburg sells my favorite Texas Chili!!! What I'm saying is I'm going on an "outing" anyhow soon, so a new store is right up my alley!