Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mantle Mania

I guess I've been busy or something... it's been 5 days since I blogged! My apologies. We're rearranging/cleaning the basement, cleaning out closets, cleaning nooks and crannies that we usually ignore, evicting spiders from their long-lived webs in corners, etc. We're getting ready for our house to be home-base for a two week family reunion (I hesitate to call it a "reunion" since not everybody will be there, but I don't know what else to call it). Anyway, all's I'm sayin' is, that's why I've been busy.
My latest obsession is my mantle. Ever since I got the new couch I haven't been happy with the mantle. Our beta fish used to take up a chunk of it, but he recently passed away. Since I wasn't really loving the arrangement anyway, it became a place to stick stuff out of reach of the kids. So I've been on the hunt for blue accent pieces to pull it all together. The other day I decided to do a "shopping in your own house" trip. You know what I mean? Where you go look all over your house for something to fill a void - like, say, the mantle. I found a great big metal star that I really want to hang on the front porch, but it hasn't been hung as of yet (something about needing a special kind of nail to go into siding) so it's just been sitting in the garage for more than a year now. Then I drew a blank. No blue to be found.
So today I had my babysitter coming over and I thought I'd check out a nearby antique store that I've passed several times. No luck there. But I did have a lovely stroll through it and the farmer's market right next to it followed by a leisurely lunch at Panera (Mmmmm!). Then I tried Home Goods. Do you guys have this store where you all are? It's fabulous! There I found a metal pitcher filled with blue flowers.
*sigh* This is totally too much detail, huh? Do you care at all? No? Ok. Enough words. Here's the before and after pics.
Before: Messy and chaotic

After: Better but still not great

What do you think? The crud over on the left is the sunscreen, bug spray and baby powder that we keep next to the back door for quick access in the back yard. I wish it wasn't there, but it really needs to be for the next couple of months. In the middle is two little birds with some cute little flowers behind them. I think the flowers need to go now that I've got the blue flowers, but it looked too bare without them. On the far right is the tissue box. Also, don't love it being there, but it's practical.

Blah. I'm officially tired of this mantle. I just can't seem to make it right. Help!


Jessica said...

I think you've got the right idea- use some big pieces, and some smaller ones.

erica said...

I love the star and the blue flowers. you could hang a cute basket on the wall (like in your laundry room for the kiddo's socks) and but the sunscreen and stuff there. In the winter I could hold gloves and stuff.
lookin' great!

Nancy Sabina said...

Genius, Erica! Why didn't I think of that? This is why I asked for your help!

Spencer and Kami said...

I think the mantle looks great! The few pieces you found for it ties it with your living room.

chelsea said...

i think you are being too hard on yourself, it looks great. that being said i would maybe suggest something with some more color. maybe something bright yellow, but not the bucket that i'm really hoping still had sand in it....

Mom said...

I too was going to suggest a container on the wall for the 'stuff'. Then I think is that the whole thing is way too symmetrical looking. Maybe birds closer to the pot of flowers.

Nancy said...

I agree Home Goods is the greatest. (I used it to re-do my mantle recently!) And, yes, I'm in the same mode as you -- trying to fix my whole house before the reunion. Mostly, I'm working on deferred maintenance, though.
I agree w/ Liz re the symmetrical issue.