Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DC Day

The bigger family reunion which was this past weekend is over now. We're back to just my family (I mean, my parents, siblings, etc instead of cousins too). The big reunion was mostly in DC. I only actually went into DC with the kids one day though. It's just so much work. Finding a parking spot, taking the Metro, walking forever, listening to the whining about walking forever, keeping track of 3 little people in a crowded museum, getting lost, etc. It's fun, but it's a lot of work.

The one day that we spent in DC we went up to the top of the Washington Monument and did The Natural History Museum. We were with the big crowd at the Wash. Mon. but we were only with my Dad at Natural History.

Here's a nice collection of pics from that day along with some fun cousin-love pics.

This is my kid-o's in the Butterfly exhibit at Natural History.
Naomi with her cousin Haley. They are such great friends!

Here's my parents with Asher, Isaiah and cousin Logan and Mr. Lincoln in the background.

Isaiah with cousin Logan
Waiting to get on the elevator to go up the Washington Monument - Naomi, me, Asher, Isaiah and cousin Levi

Riding the Metro into DC - sister Ruth, BIL Mark, cousin Levi, cousin Roscoe, sister Angela, cousin Jesse in the stroller

Lounging on the floor watching cartoons - Asher, Isaiah, Naomi and cousin Levi

I'll add more pics later once we collect all the pictures off everyone's cameras. There's still plenty of people around here, but we're winding down (and running out of energy).

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Rebecca said...

How fun to see the cousins together!