Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beach Day

There was a lot of talk about going to the beach while my family was in town. But in the end, it was always too far away. When time with family is so limited and precious, who wants to spend 3 hours in the car on the way to the beach and another 3 on the way home? So we never went.

But Richard and I still really wanted to go. So yesterday, all our guests being gone, we went! We didn't head all the way to the Ocean (3 hours away). We settled for the Chesapeake Bay (just an hour and a half away).

The kids loved it! The waves were just enough to rock you a little, but not big enough to throw the kids around and scare them. We built sand castles, buried each other, had a picnic, and frolicked on the water's edge. It was lovely! Having Ruthie with us was fabulous because it meant there were as many kids as adults. That always makes it easier! Ruthie and Richard are all excited about having been stung by jelly fish (just brushed by jelly fish, really, otherwise I'm sure they wouldn't be quite so happy about it). Asher and I got a little sunburned but we're OK. We only stayed about 3 hours, but with little kids, that's about all we need. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

That evening we also tried to help Ruthie get over her Texas-home-sickness by taking her out to our favorite BBQ place - Famous Dave's. Apparently the brisket wasn't quite as good as Texas, but it'll pass for now.

It was a lovely Saturday spent with people I love - which is always a recipe for happiness!

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Mark Ashurst-McGee said...

oh man! way to party without us!