Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been flashing back to the 1990's this week. Dial-up internet. My computer has become "ill" and takes literally 5 minutes to load each webpage - if it does at all. So blogging is pretty much out of the question (I'm using Richard's computer at the moment). Even email is pretty tough to get. We're in the midst of transferring some stuff off my computer onto an external hardrive to then put on Richard's computer, but even that is taking forever since my computer is slow even on it's best days.

Anyway, I am already back-logged on blogging! I need to show off my new desk that Richard gave me for my birthday. And last night we had a fun little family party for Ruthie's birthday.

In other news, Isiaiah said "help me" this morning. It just came out in between his usual grunts and "uh uh uh's". He couldn't repeat it afterward, and I'm not sure he even was aware that real words came out. The babysitter told me he said an entire sentence last week. People seem to think I should be happy about this development, but really it makes me want to cry. I guess it is good news that those words are there and his mouth can form them. But it just makes me so sad to think that he really is able to speak but just can't. No wonder he gets so frustrated with me so often. He talks to me all day long and if he's lucky I understand two words! My sister, Angela, says its like in fantasy books when somebody just got some new power but doesn't yet know how to use it to their advantage (picture Harry Potter freeing the snake) . I just can only hope and pray that whatever speech therapy Isaiah ends up in will be as helpful to him as Hogwarts was to Harry!

Did I really just compare Isaiah to Harry Potter?


angela michelle said...

Yes, I feel it's helpful to compare children to Harry Potter at every opportunity. Can't wait to hear more from you!

Elieson Family said...

Harry Potter is a solid part of my life. He's my go-to movie, all of them, all the time, particularly when it's raining outside. That is incredible that those words just came out! Incredible!
You know, I'm glad Isaiah WANTS to communicate with - how different would that be if he had no desire? I'm excited. Keep me updated.

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry that Isaiah's difficulties are so frustrating! But I love the comparison to Harry Potter. I'm with Angela, that's a good way to look at them!

I'm really behind, so I'm assuming your computer/internet is working better now, but if not I hope it heals soon!