Sunday, August 9, 2009


Let me just start by saying that I am NOT a singer. I have no talent and no skills in that area. I can't control my voice at all. But, I do enjoy singing the hymns in church on Sunday's. The hymnal we use at church has a preface that says:

"The hymns invite the Spirit of the Lord, create a feeling of reverence, unify us as members, and provide a way for us to offer praises to the Lord."

I am often struck by the loveliness of them. And by the direct, straight-to-the-heart lyrics that really do bring the Spirit to me immediately. Several Sunday's in a row now I've wanted to blog about a specific hymn or phrase from a hymn that meant a lot to me that Sunday.

Today, the hymn that struck me the most was Now Let Us Rejoice. In the third verse we sing,

"In faith we'll rely on the arm of Jehovah To guide thru these last days of trouble and gloom, And after the scourges and harvest are over, We'll rise with the just when the Savior doth come."

I think this hit me because lately I've been thinking a lot about relying on the Savior in faith. And about how I believe He'll guide me through my present gloom. It took a lot of faith for me to get pregnant last time. So now, after the miscarriage, it's going to take even more faith to do it again. And I sometimes wonder if I've got that much faith. In truth, I don't think I do yet. But I'm sure my Heavenly Father will help me because I'm sure He wants me to have more children. I really am sure of that. I don't know if we'll make it to the "8 or 10" children that we said was our plan originally. But I do know that these three I've got is not all. Probably not even close.

So, maybe this is TMI for some of you. But it's been a while since I did anything but relate the stories of our daily lives - so I guess you can put up with one post about the intimate feelings of my tender heart.


Mark Ashurst-McGee said...

i'm so glad you had a faith-building moment at church today to help you along your road. I know sometimes those are hard to come by with kids at church!

Mark Ashurst-McGee said...

that was also ang

Natalia said...

I loved this post. Thank you for sharing it. I have to disagree with you though... I distinctly remember sitting next to you at church in about 8th grade and thinking you had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. I think I even said something to you. Do you remember? I also always loved that you were such a strong, courageous, and faithful woman. :)

Rebecca said...

I think that's why I love singing the hymns in church so much: it's not about how we sing, it's about the spirit that comes from them.

Thanks for sharing the feelings of your heart!