Monday, August 10, 2009

Naomi's first lost tooth OR Naomi goes cannibal

Naomi is so excited to have lost her first tooth. She's been wiggling it for a couple of weeks now. It got really loose last night and I tried to pull it out (making me the cruelest Mom ever according to Naomi). But I didn't succeed last night, so the tooth came out by itself this morning in her banana. The only problem is that she ate it! She's very excited to get to go on her shopping trip with just Mom or Dad and pick something for herself as her gift from the Tooth Fairy. She's leaning toward art supplies at this point but "Princess stuff" is also being seriously pondered. (This shopping trip is only for the first tooth. After this it'll be quarters.)

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Spencer and Kami said...


Clyde said...
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Clyde said...

I think this a good time for an updated picture of your kids - as a head of your blog. The new cute, toothless smile of Naomi and a "big boy" shot of Isaiah will be perfect... Asher is still Asher. :)

chelsea said...

what? she's too little to lose teeth right? i saw a picture of naomi on our slideshow the other night from thanksgiving in portland back in 2005. that's how i always think of her, as a toddler not as a girl, tell her to knock off this growing stuff (yeah my kids don't listen either when i tell them to stop growing!)