Saturday, August 22, 2009

Luray Caverns

Richard and I packed up the kids early this morning and headed about an hour and a half South West to the Shenandoah National Forest and Luray Caverns. We've heard about them and wanted to go the entire time we've lived here. And it was worth the buzz. It was very cool! These pictures don't do them any justice at all (you should go look at the pics on their website). The walk was a little long for Naomi and Asher and WAAAY too long for Isaiah. We should have brought the stroller for him since there were nice paved walkways throughout the cave. Isaiah and I actually booked it through the last 3/4 of the way because he was screaming. Screaming in a cave gets old really fast, ya know?

Below, Richard explains how stalactites form.
Keeping track of all 3 kids was tricky.

It was a fun Saturday. It was especially perfect since it was rainy outside.


angela michelle said...

wow--looks like a great outing!

Jessica said...

Wow indeed! how far is this place from your house??

Clyde said...

Great pics... and even better that it was a "cool" indoor adventure. Having little kids myself - I always try to do stuff w/ them that are away from sunny places. :)

erica said...

you're a brave mom for taking 3 kiddos on a long outing. looks fun!