Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ew Ew Ew Ew! (said with your lips puckered)

Translation from Isaiah-speak: Go, Diego, Go

Asher and Isaiah are completely obsessed with Diego right now. Naomi is not totally immune to his coolness, but she's not quite obsessed. Go, Diego, Go is on TV twice each day. The boys beg for the new episodes like ... like ... I can't think of any analogies that aren't drug related. Like some drug. They watch with an unprecedented focus. When Diego asks them to repeat something, those boys repeat it! When he tells them, "Louder!", they get louder. Even Isaiah, who can't speak, will grunt the appropriate syllables and inflection. When Diego asks them to run or jump or flap their butterfly wings, they run or jump or flap. And they do it with intensity! Naomi even sings the entire theme song, including the Spanish parts (which I'm pretty sure she's not saying right, but what do I know?)

The kids and I spent about an hour at a park on Saturday. Almost the entire time the kids were pretending to be in Go, Diego, Go. Asher was Diego, Naomi was Alicia, and Isaiah was Boots (who is actually from Dora the Explorer, but since Dora is friends with Diego, I guess Boots was on loan for the day). They rescued baby elephants and found new homes for butterflies. They explored and used their "Rescue Packs" (which, for you non-Diego-ers, is a magical/high-tech backpack that can turn into whatever you need from binoculars to rope to a kayak).

The really great part is that today at lunch Asher said to me, "Octopuses eat crabs. You know what else eats crabs? Birds!" I guess Diego isn't too bad a subject of their infatuation.
Ok, so I'm kinda rambling on. The point is, it's adorable.


Mom said...

So do I sense a Halloween costume theme here?

Clyde said...

Nancy, the true is that Diego is actually Dora's cousin! As you see we're also Diego-ers. :)

Jenny said...

Hopefully Diego is tolerable. My kids do this with Little Einsteins, only we don't have cable, so they have to watch the same 6 episodes over and over.