Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fog of Busyness

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Monday! There's just so much going on! But none of it is any big deal, it's just life. I'm still getting the schedule confused and having to rearrange things regularly. Here's why:

6:40 Wake up Naomi, get her dressed and hair done
7:00 Wake up boys, scripture study and prayer
7:10 Breakfast for all
7:30 Naomi off to the bus - Richard usually takes her
Dress the boys, dress myself
9:00 Asher to Preschool, Isaiah throws a fit because he doesn't want to leave Asher
- here I have an entire hour and a half for errands or cleaning or the gym whatever -
10:30 head home to meet Naomi's bus
11:00 Meet Naomi's bus
12:00 Pick up Asher
1:00 Naptime

I suppose to some of you (Ang!) this doesn't seem like too much. But last year I planned my days so that I never had more than one thing planned for any given day. Two things in one day was busy for us! I am not the kind of person who thrives under pressure. I hate pressure. I hate having somewhere to be all the time. *sigh* But I guess there's no use in complaining about it. This is how it will be this year. And for several years after that. It's just going to take some adjusting.

I don't mean to sound whiney, I'm just expressing why I'm currently feeling somewhat overwhelmed by life. But, I'm sure it will get better as we get used to it. (*Side note* Is it "used to" or "use to" in this case?)

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angela michelle said...

used to
Sounds like plenty to me! You've got 3 people on 3 different school schedules! You'll hit your stride soon I'm sure.