Thursday, September 10, 2009

The News

... And now the news ...

Isaiah has been officially declared "eligible" for speech therapy funded by the state. Next step: waiting for the speech therapist at my local school to contact me and set up yet another "evaluation". From there she and I will decide how much speech therapy and how often for Isaiah.

Naomi loves school, but not as much as she loves riding the bus.

I have realized that Asher is no longer the biggest trouble maker in my home. That honor has been passed down to Isaiah. I guess those two's really are terrible.

Richard is out of town until Monday. ...An entire weekend without him makes me shiver with fear. And then curl into a little ball.

I have a desk in the basement! My very own, just for me, nobody else uses it, desk!


angela michelle said...

Mark is going to work all weekend, so why don't you just come over and hang out with me? It'll be fun.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on taking on The System and winning a round!