Monday, September 14, 2009

Richard the Rock Star

Richard just got back from 4 days in Boston at the big JQuery conference. He looks forward to this all year because 1) He gets treated like a rock star 2) He sees all his friends that he usually just talks to on the phone or computer 3)Did I mention he's famous with this group? People actually brag about getting their picture taken with him!

Look at all the praise from people who were in his lecture. And check out this groovy schedule that he designed for the conference. He's so cool! Can you believe I get to hang out with him whenever I want? *swoon* What a guy!

He works so hard so much for our family, I'm glad he has these brief moments of fame so that he can see how great he is. And on top of all his computer-programming coolness, he's a great husband and Dad!


Mom said...

I agree!!

I looked at the other posts, they were exciting. I am very impressed

Elieson Family said...

Yeah! He's back! Guys need that don't they? Even though they act like praise isn't a bit deal - totally is. Way to go Richard!

angela michelle said...

Mark and I especially love the photo of the awestruck young geek standing next to him. We agree--Richard is a "super nice guy." So glad he gets to revel in some glory!