Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Winds of Change STINK!

Look! Just look! Look at what that stinker Isaiah did to the cupcakes I made for Young Women's tonight! So much for "it's going really well". So much for "no major catastrophes". Grrrrrr! *sigh* I guess setting things on the dining room table so they'll be safe and out of the way isn't a good plan anymore. *sigh*


angela michelle said...

oh no!
did you tell the young women that baby germs don't count and serve them anyway?
will you hate me if I say that it sounds like a perfectly natural thing for Isaiah to do?

Elieson Family said...

Oh MAN! I can't stand it when that happens!! What did you do?
My boys are starting to climb things that are dangerous to climb - like book shelves (from Walmart) meaning, they're particle board and very loose, and can collapse with the right fan on them... so sorry. They always want the frosting. Always.

Rebecca said...

aw, how frustrating!!