Monday, September 28, 2009

Frequent Changes

Today was one of those days where at the end of the day there is a huge pile of dirty clothes and shoes in the family room. All used in one day.

Does this happen to other families, or is it just me?

Today was sunny, then rainy, then sunny. And 70-ish degrees the whole time. So the kids played outside, then came in, then went out, then came in, then went out, then came in, then went out, then came in. Isaiah needed a pants change after jumping in the mostly-deflated pool. Then Naomi got her sleeve muddy and changed her shirt. Asher soaked his shoes I don't even know how. Sweaters were worn, then shed. Etc, etc. etc. Just change after change. I feel like my laundry load tripled today alone.

But, hey, the kids had a great day. And mostly I did too since they were so happily engaged outside for most of it. It's just that now that they're in bed and I'm surveying the daily damage, I see the piles and piles. ... Guess I have some cleaning to do... Luckily, Richard isnt' home yet. So I'll turn on an old episode of Gilmore Girls and enjoy the peaceful cleaning time.



Elieson Family said...

That happens to me, particularly in winter when there's snow. They put them on, take them off, get them wet "lay them out to dry". It's loads of fun - ha ha, get it? Oh brother.
For some reason my boys go through socks - like John would wear 4 pairs a day if he could have it his way. Do yours do that?

Jolie said...

I can understand. Natty's new "trick" is pulling out all of her clothes in her drawers and putting them in backpacks and dirty clothes hampers. I can't keep track of what is clean and what isn't...more laundy, ugh!

angela michelle said...

I hate doing that, so we end up with filthy kids by the end of the day. I think I need to learn to do MORE changes.

Rebecca said...

Similar things have happened to us...except I have just one little one! So not quite so bad, as in my laundry load isn't doubled.