Friday, September 25, 2009

Mental Images

From today's life:

Asher squeezing his eyes shut in bliss as he swings - he just learned how to pump all by himself.

Isaiah laying down outside for a cuddle on the currently-deflating backyard pool.

Naomi cuddled up on my bed watching a movie during naptime as a special treat because I love her.

Asher running full-tilt and screaming (with joy) straight at our friend "Baby James" on a playdate today. I waited for poor Baby James to start crying, but instead he laughed.

All three kids playing happily together in the backyard for an hour.

Naomi running in from the backyard to beg me to come out because "there's something you've gotta see!" And it turned out to be red leaves on the tree. She loves Fall!

Asher telling me this story: "I dropped some Mac n Cheese on Naomi's paper at the place with the balloons {translation: Friday's}. And Naomi said to Daddy, 'Asher just dropped some Mac n Cheese on my paper!' And Daddy cleaned it up but Naomi was still sad." Right after I was reading about how I can help my Preschooler by giving him opportunities to tell stories.

The look of horror/joy on the kids faces this morning at breakfast when they saw the shadow on the table made by the bat I hung under the light yesterday. (Yes, I already decorated for Halloween and it's still September. )


Spencer and Kami said...

Oh how dear :) Those little moments are what make motherhood wonderful. James LOVED playing with Asher - they got such a kick out of each other. Thanks for sharing Nancy!

Mom said...

I am ready for Fall, also. Yesterday as dinner was cooking, I got out the decorations and set them about, used a deep colored tablelcloth, etc. I wore a sweater in Fall colors and was wanting to start the fireplace up until I took the garbage out and realized it was over 90 outside. Today it is much cooler and they say it will be all week. Yeah!