Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Phew. We did it. Naomi and Asher both had their first days of school today.

Naomi was so excited to ride the bus. She got dressed with enthusiasm and was ready to go. Richard walked her to the bus stop and off she went. Alone. Without me! It was a little weird for me, but I was so excited for her that I was OK. At the end of the day, Naomi said her favorite part was "everything".

Asher was not really as excited about starting school. I could tell he was a little stressed about it because he had several mini-meltdowns over silly little things this morning. But after a quick heart-to-heart chat in the parking lot, he walked into his classroom ready to go. And he had no problems that I know of while he was there. At the end of the day, Asher said his favorite part was "The basement" - which means the rainy-day-play room in the basement of the church where his Preschool is.

That left Isaiah and I with two whole hours to ourselves. I was thrilled with that! Isaiah was not! It took me two tries and about 20 minutes to get him out of the Preschool parking lot. He did not want to leave without Asher. But eventually I bribed him with the thought of cookies at the grocery store and we made it. We went grocery shopping, unloaded them in peace, read a couple of books, and then it was time to pick up Naomi from the bus. Having only one child is so gloriously easy! (compared to three, anyway)

And here's my happy Kindergartner arriving home.
What a day! All in all, it was a total success.


Jessica said...

what a difference a few hours of peace means!

angela michelle said...

What? Everyone starts school on the same day? What a strange idea! :)

Very cute pics. Now that Isaiah is entering his troublemaker stage, maybe this alone time will be a blessing.

Elieson Family said...

Just one at home.. wow. I'm amazed. You know, I had just three today and it was AWESOME. Just three *sigh*
Not that I don't totally adore my babies! But you know what I mean. :)

Rebecca said...

oh, that's so sweet that Isaiah missed his brother!

I'm glad you'll get a little more peace now!