Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Diego Vest Saga

So, I want Isaiah to be Diego from Go, Diego, Go for Halloween. Because he loves it. I really thought this would be a super easy costume because Diego just wears regular clothes really. Dark blue cargo shorts, a light blue tee, and a khaki jungle-y vest. But the vest was much harder to find than I thought. Nobody carries khaki vests for toddlers. Brown, orange, green, blue, etc - but no khaki. So I thought surely I could find one on the internet - but no. I tried searches for all different varieties of khaki vests: "khaki toddler vest", "diego vest", "diego costume", etc. Then one day it hit me: SAFARI! The key word I need is safari! And sure enough, there on Amazon, where I had searched a bazillion times before was a perfect Diego vest. Bingo!

But then the package came from Amazon. ... Total crap. I mean amazingly cheap and lame. Totally unacceptable. Plus, "One Size Fits All" is NOT always true. Below is the picture Amazon showed me.

Back to square one.

OK, I know this story has gotten way too long and detailed, but it's too late to turn back now.

So after that fiasco I gave up for a while then decided that I was going to have to make the vest. But I wasn't really excited about that prospect since there was no clear way to cheat. Then, like manna from heaven, Richard ripped a hole in his favorite khaki pants. And I knew I had scored! Pant leg to toddler vest I could do!

On the left is the Amazon vest, on the right is the one I whipped up in about 20 minutes.

You can't really see the quality of the khaki in these pics. The Amazon one is so cheap that you can see through it. The one I made is nice thick fabric. The one I made is crappily made, sure. But no more so than the Amazon one - and at least the new one fits!

The vest still needs Diego's little patch, and I have no idea how I'm going to make that. I might do an iron-on or I might just piece it together the best I can with felt. Depends on how crafty I feel I guess.

Addendum (Oct 21, 2009):

This post is getting a lot of search engine hits, so I thought I'd update it with some more info about our Diego costume. We bought a Diego toy recently that came with a watch, so that was taken care of (I looked everywhere online for a pic and link, but I can't find it. I bought the toy at Toys R US.). A nice reader (thanks, Tyson) left me a link to this patch online that I printed on cardstock, laminated, then sewed onto the vest using my sewing maching. And I bought my little Diego a rescue pack from this Etsy site. I could have made one, but I opted for paying for it this time since I'm pretty busy these days. I am super excited to see how it all turns out. Stay tuned! And thanks for visiting. I hope this post helped you get your little Diego all outfitted!

Post Halloween Update:

Here's how my little Diego turned out. If this post was helpful to you, let me know in the comments or even send me a link to your Diego!


Clyde said...

Oh Nancy, crafty Nancy! That's a great looking Diego-style vest... you're a good seamtress and a even better Mamma! Wish I can be creative like you.

PS my son Andrew is B-I-G time Diego fan. And you know what they say: my kingdon for a vest! :)

Mom said...

You are great - good job. I always said that the most important thing I learned from my grandmother was that I could learn to do anything I put my mind to. I don't really remember learning anything specific from her - just that I could learn. That has carried me through many a task and added a tremendous amount of joy to my life as I have tried new things and found my life enriched as I came to love them. You will remember the Diego vest for along time and be spurred onward to other endeavors because of your simple accomplishment.

angela michelle said...

Wow--awesome comment from Mom. You should frame that one!
Yes, you are one crafty, creative, dedicated mama.
So Nanc, here's my question for you. Why did the availability of a pant leg make this project doable for you? I think you're ready to take the plunge and make something out of just a piece of fabric!

Tyson said...

Thanks for this post. We are trying to through together a Diego costume for our little 2.75 year old midway through October. We are going to make the vest(or at least try) and use one of these 2 printables from nickjr.com for the patch.



Thanks again,

Katrina said...

You can find the patch and logo printable iron-on transfer at:

I'm using this for my little animal rescuer, too. Have a Happy Halloween. Bamos, Diego!!


Katrina said...

Diego's Video Watch printable:

Also, you can print off a video watch from the link below. I am going to laminate it and put a small piece of velcro on the ends to secure it around my little guy's wrist. Enjoy!



Leah said...

Okay, I must admit your blog made me feel a lot better!! Now I know I am not apart of your family but I am however another mom who was just trying to make her son look like Diego. And to be honest, all of the things you went through... just know that there is another mom who went through the same thing. I laughed when I read your words because I could have written them myself. All I can say is wow... what us moms will do for our little ones. What I would really like to know is why are those silly vests so gosh darn hard to find? Someone could be making a lot of money off of them.

PS check ebay for the patch I found a peel and stick one for 5.00 and no shipping. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hints!! Do you have a pattern you would be willing to share for the vest? My son will be diego this year :)

Nancy Sabina said...

Ahh, Lannie (at least, I assume you're Lannie...) I'm afraid theres no pattern. I believe I used a vest of my daughters to get a vague idea of the right shape and then just started snipping. I didn't even finish the edges of that vest. It was just raw fabric. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply !!! There should be a pattern!!! Maybe I will venture and try to come up with one and post...seems to be a need for a Diego Vest !!!! for parties and Halloween!!!! Thank you for the inspiration you did a wonderful job!! -Lannie :)

Anonymous said...

Nancy, Thank you for your reply!! I should venture out and make a pattern to post! There seems to be a need for a Diego vest pattern!! especially for Birthdays and Halloween! Thank you for the inspiration :)

Gamer Mom said...

My little guy is Diego for Halloween this year and I was lucky enough to find a khaki denim jacket that I just cut the sleeves off of! This has given me a lot of ideas for the patch though. Also I found an orange one strap backpack on amazon that I ordered and will stick the patch to.