Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Kinds of Fall

This is my favorite tree. It's always the very first tree in the neighborhood to be bright red. It's beautiful. I stare at it out my kitchen window. I love it.

So today while we were waiting for Naomi's bus to come, I stuck Isaiah up in the tree on the lowest branch and took a bunch of pictures of him. Cuz he's cute.
And then I wanted to take pictures of all the kids like that, so I waited until later and stuck all three of them up there one by one.
Aren't they cute?
I even kinda like this pic of myself! In a moody, artistic sort of way.
Then Naomi discovered that she could hang on the branch unassisted. And I helped Asher dangle for a little bit too.

But where it all went wrong was when Naomi suggested that *I* try hanging from the branch. And I did it. I took the advice of a 5 year old.
And I broke my favorite tree. That's not two branches people, that's one branch that's totally broken. So then the branch was hanging down into the street. And I could just see the lady across the street drafting the nasty letter from our HOA. So I had to cut the branch down. But we only have a hand saw (actually, after all this Richard tells me that we have something that would have worked much better - but whatever) so it was hard work! And it made me sad. I broke my favorite tree!
But, on the up side, now I have a lovely Fall display on my mantle.


Jessica said...

Your display is lovely.

Elieson Family said...

What a great story! Love it! The leaves are gorgeous in your display! I bet I could do that with my cathedral thingy, any more branches left??

Mom said...

You are histerical! Those pics in the tree and hanging are great - I can't imagine your professional shoot will be much better than that>

angela michelle said...

Man, another awesome comment from Mom--you luck duck!
I just noticed the title of your post-- ha ha

Clyde said...

Very clever post title. The colors are as pretty as your kids look vibrant and happy. Sorry about your precious tree... Remember, trees are like hair while you cut/break a branch five new ones grow to replace it - so no worries!

Spencer and Kami said...

The pictures are fantastic! I love the story too :)