Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Silly

Not much unusual going on around here. Family photos on Saturday got rained out... or rather, in. Our park photo shoot turned into a house photo shoot- we'll see in about a week, but I think they turned out well. Then Saturday afternoon Ruthie came over to play and it seemed like a holiday because it was just fun and worry free. No real schedule or reason for being together, just good fun, good food, good people.

Here's a few pictures that I've randomly snapped over the last few days of just cuteness and silliness.

Isaiah spent a good half hour working on this work of art. When I asked him what it is he said, "Mama, n Dada, n Meme". Meme sometimes means "me" and sometimes means "Naomi", but I think in this case it meant "me".

Here's Asher going gansta with a Winnie the Pooh hat. It's Preschool gangsta!
Here's Isaiah entirely in a box all cuddled up watching TV.

And here's a video of all three kids letting loose the silly's on a poor, innocent wall.


Spencer and Kami said...

I LOVE that picture of Isaiah curled up all cuddled in a box. Such a cutie - I just want to squeeze him!!!

Elieson Family said...

I like how the beat starts slowing downnnn....
Preschool gangsta - lookout!