Thursday, October 8, 2009

Icky Lovey

I think I've mentioned before on this blog that Isaiah has a certain pink blanket that he has chosen as his favorite (thanks, Aunt Kelly A.). Why he chose the pink one is a mystery to me. Except that I know he loves the square corners. All our other quilt/baby blankets have rounded corners. How do I know he loves the corners?
Because he chews on them constantly. Eeeewwww!
Sometimes he jams all four corners into his mouth at the same time. Other times he rotates from one corner to the next on a one minute per corner rotation. It's totally gross. They never get a chance to dry out. Ick!
Just thought you might want to know that. (Plus, my camera actually managed to focus when I took these pics, so I had to share them)
I'm off to my Time Out tomorrow. I'm leaving at 3pm Friday and won't get back until after kid-bedtime on Saturday (I might get back into town before bedtime - but I ain't comin' home until after!). Have a great weekend!


Leanne said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for your comment. Have fun at Time Out. If Young Women's gets done a little early I try to get something else done until after 8:30. Dad should put them to bed at least once a week, right?

chelsea said...

i say that chewing on the corners is way better than what my kids do... stick them UP their noses. gross right? i totally don't get it and it makes me sneeze just thinking about it! have a great weekend

Spencer and Kami said...

James loves his blanket corners too. Go figure! Have fun at Time out!!