Sunday, October 4, 2009

This and That

After my earlier rant about not taking pictures, I repented (see the benefits of General Conference?), sweetly asked Richard to empty the memory card using his computer, and took pictures all day.

Conference doesn't start until noon on the East Coast, so we use our TiVo and just stay one session behind. Meaning, on Saturday we watch Saturday morning's session in the afternoon, then on Sunday we can watch Saturday afternoon's session starting whenever we want in the morning, and proceed from there. Ya follow?

Here's Naomi coloring in a "Friend"magazine - which she did for about 3 hours today I would guess.
(Love that jelly on the face!) In this pic below you get a pretty good view of Naomi's teeth. You can see the hole where her second tooth came out and where the first one that came out is already half grown in.
We did a little of this:
We did a little of that:
Plus some of this: (look at the concentration on that face!)
And this:
Richard made the sheet that Naomi is holding above. It has a picture of a temple, hands folded in prayer, a prophet, and Jesus. Every time Naomi heard one of those words she colored the box next to that thing. She really enjoyed it! Naomi also circled the people she saw on the TV on the poster (behind her in above pic). This is the first time I really tried to listen to Conference with the kids for the whole time. Before, our strategy has been to listen as much as possible during naptime and while the kids are watching movies in the basement. The way we did it today was a little more stressful for the adults, but the kids are old enough to join in this special worship service now.
We had a lovely day, really. The kids did great, the windows were open to let in the breeze and bright sunshine, and the Spirit filled our home, we ate yummy food. All is well.


Elieson Family said...

Your ranting is absolutely hilarious. We just love conference weekend - I feel like I would do well to have that every weekend. But oh well, this'll suffice until April.
Are you not excited we leave in 5 days!!!???

erica said...

i've missed you. pictures or not, I love reading about your day to day life. somehow, it makes me happy.

Ruthie said...

Well now I wish I had come! It sounds like it was such a great day!

angela michelle said...

You should put up Richard's file so we can download it. Or send it to (where I get all our kids' Conference activities). Haley loves to color and snip the Friend during conf.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We got most of it listened to as it happened. Paul just enjoyed pretending to cook. All day long. Not sure how he kept himself interested for so long, but I consider it a blessing!

I'm just so glad I live in a day when I can download all the talks and listen to them again and again!