Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Day

*Note* I have loads of pictures and posts just waiting to be put up here. But alas, I took the pictures on Richard's fancy new camera and apparently they are so big that Blogger can't handle them. So until Richard has a chance to fix them for me or until I can take more pictures tonight with the normal camera, no costume pics yet - despite the fact that my kids have been in and out of their costumes multiple times for multiple events already.

We've had a blast on this Halloween Day! We started out with some leaf-playing

Then some pumpkin carving. - Note the heart shaped eyes and the earrings on our Jack-O-Lantern. She has been named Sally. Can you guess who had the creative license on this one?
Then some of us were so tired that we took a little break flat on the kitchen table.

I think that's a sign of a good day!
Next up: dinner with friends then trick-or-treating with neighbors and some more friends who we invite to join us each year because they live in apartment buildings. Don't worry! Pictures to come soon!

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