Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkinville with Asher

I went with Asher on his Preschool field trip to "Pumpkinville" today. Asher has been looking forward to this trip for a year - ever since Naomi went. I made a photobook with pictures of Naomi and I from last year and Asher picks it for his bedtime story more often than Naomi does. So this year I had to take lots of pictures so that I could make another photobook of Asher and my trip. The problem with taking a bazillion pictures is that at least a quarter of them turn out good, and a quarter of a bazillion pictures is still a LOT. So here's the best couple (, 15).

Asher with his teachers:

The long awaited tractor ride:

Mr. Wonderful:

We had a great time. Quality one-on-one time with the kids is so important - for me and for them. I hope the day was everything he was hoping for.
And a big thanks to the entourage of people that it took for me to be able to go with him for that one-on-one time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics on such a fun event. It was just almost like being there...but not as much fun. Kudos to a great mom
Love, your MIL

Clyde said...

Great pictures - GREAT memories!

Elieson Family said...

What a great idea to do a photo book. What is with me? I never have good ideas!
That's why I'm friends with YOU!!! yeah for Pumpkinville! Love the slide... did you go down any?