Monday, October 26, 2009

Panic Attack

So, I think I'm loosing it. I can not stop freaking out about the flu. It's already making the rounds around here - in our ward and in the schools. Every time one of my kids coughs or complains of a tummy ache, or won't eat dinner or when I feel their head and it's warmer than usual, I freak out. Never mind that they're wearing a sweater and have been running laps around the house - I'm just sure that this is the beginning.

I know that it's going to happen. We're going to get the flu. Swine flu or normal flu - maybe both.

I also know that the odds are that we'll be fine afterwards. No permanent damage. Just a week or so of sick kids and probably sick me. It's not that big a deal - it happens every year.

But for some reason I'm freaking out about it. I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was too busy being miserable at the thought of the flu. I'm afraid to go to the gym and put the kids in the child care there. I debated not going to church to keep the kids out of nursery (although in the end, we went). I'm planning on buying a table for the front hall so that I can set up a hand sanitation center there. ... Did I mention nobody even has so much as the sniffles at the moment? We're totally healthy. But I can't even enjoy it because I'm too busy freaking out!

I am not the type of person who usually freaks out about this kind of thing. I'm the kind of person who calls her friend before a play date and says something like "We're all ready to come over, but just so you know we have the sniffles. I don't care as long as you don't care. Kids always have the sniffles!"

I am not panicky.

... Except I guess I am now.


erica said...

So, I'm pregnant and don't want to get the swine flu, and the shots aren't anywhere and I had about 2 weeks where I panicked. and now, I just keep hand sanitizer everywhere and have saniwipes that I take to the store and church with me. I totally get it. We're all healthy and I still am a little bit freaked out.

Clyde said...

I hear you there... I feel as a genuine hypocondriac when comes to H1N1 scares - I see danger everywhere. My worst nightmare is being around school-aged kids and my 2 months old at the same time... which it's everyday since that is what happens when my 3 girls come back from school!

Anyways, you never can't take enough precautions w/ little ones and being aware of every cough/sniffles incident is the best way to keep your love ones in a safe enviroment... Don't worry about what other people said - you aren't crazy, you're being a GOOD Mom!

(I wrote that last sentence for me too.) :)

Elieson Family said...

we've already been through it. no worries. we're scared because we've heard about deaths related to it - but you guys are all strong peeps. just be ready for it Nancy. if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. or something like that.
watch, you're not even going to get a thing this fall! and i'll be pathetically jealous.

Mom said...

Precaution (the sanitizer) is the best defense, but following that is knowledge. Keeping an eye on the kids and being sensitive to the symptoms. H1N1 comes on very fast and the fever would be hard to miss. When a kid has a fever, you know it. The sniffles are not the flu - read about it and you will know what to watch for.

Panic Attack said...

An ounce of preparation is still better than a pound of cure. God help us all.