Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

It's pretty much just the daily grind around here. Yesterday was a busy day, but in the end we pulled off a great Halloween party for the youth at church - complete with handmade ghost suckers, homemade root beer, and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (sure, they watched the first half of the movie with just subtitles on because there was no sound - but I dealt with it the best I could and we got the speakers hooked up for the second half). Throw in some Visiting Teaching (both being taught and teaching), celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary (Mac N Cheese and smoothies with the kids), playdates, speech therapy, church jobs, and the kitchen sink (you know, cleaning it and getting the never-ending dishes out of it) and that's my week so far.

Tomorrow should be fun with a field trip for Asher to a pumpkin patch that Mom gets to tag along to. It only takes a carefully orchestrated, fragile, dance to let me go. (Naomi's off to school, Dad stays home with Isaiah then takes him to speech therapy, then Dad drops off Isaiah at a friends for babysitting, Naomi gets off bus with neighbor and plays there, Asher and I come back, pick up Isaiah, pick up Naomi.)

Ok, I just realized that what I just spent two paragraphs describing isn't really what I would call "the daily grind" - it's all "special circumstances". But since it seems like there's always some kind of special circumstances these days, that means those become the daily grind, right? Oh man, I'm blowing my own mind. ... Deep.

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angela michelle said...

Yes, I agree! There's always something. So the normal week actually never occurs! Which means, what really is normal? Deeeep.