Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Eve

Happy Baby Eve!

OK, I admit it, it finally seems like I can truly see the end of this road. I'm excited! Tomorrow, early in the morning, we head to the hospital to meet Samuel.

I've finished my baby shower/meal bringing/helping-however thank you notes.
I only have a few stitches left on my embroidery project for Samuel.
I've written up reminder notes for Ruth since she'll be taking over for a few days.
I've written up instructions for Ruth, with questions to ask and paperwork to return, since she'll be taking all 3 kids to their school Open Houses on Friday.
I've packed my bag with a tiny outfit for Samuel, a huge outfit for me, and the coziest baby blanket ever.
The infant seat is in Richard's car, ready to go.
The camera batteries are charged.

And here's one last shot of my belly. Not that different looking from the 35 week shot by appearance, but I can tell that Samuel has dropped. He's just hanging out, waiting for those stitches to be removed so that he can just slide on out.

Soon, Samuel. Soon.


Jessica said...

your belly really does look about the same size

Clyde said...

Hurray! The day has come... You're right, adrenaline is everywhere and he isn't even my baby.

See you all tomorrow and by you all I'm talking about cute Samuel too. :)

(We'll keep you and your family in our prayers.)