Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grand News!

I had a doctor's appointment again today and received some very grand, truly blessed, news.

I'll try not to be too graphic, but basically, as my doctor was checking my cervix and the stitches he inserted there three months ago, he said, "Your cervix is still nice and thick. That is very heartening news! I think that if you were to have more children, and we put the stitches in at 20 weeks or so, you might not even end up on bed rest! Your cervix is just doing so great!"

I can't think of many things that he could have said at that moment that would have made me happier! I've been trying very hard not to worry about the having-more-children-in-the-future issue at this point. I've been trying to just be happy that we're going to get Samuel. But I know we've got at least one more spirit up in heaven, after Samuel, just waiting for his/her turn to come into our family. Our family just isn't complete yet. And to receive the news that maybe it won't be quite as hard to get him/her down to Earth as it was to get Samuel, is just so wonderful!

What a true blessing from our Heavenly Father. And following so closely on the heals of so many other true blessings, it feels almost indulgent.

*I am crying just a little bit. With joy and gratitude.*

In other news, after getting everything all set for a September 2 delivery, my doctor has rescheduled me for September 1. Hard to argue with getting this boy here a day earlier, but now I need to start re-planning things!


EmWJ said...

Hello friend! (I call you that because that's what my husband calls you whenever I reference your blog and/or bed-rest experiences. He thinks it's hilarious that I haven't ever even met you; ah, the power of blogs. And Angela said she outed me as a lurker. But honestly I love following your blog because while I'm not on bed-rest, our babies have very similar due dates. You're poetic musings on trying to sleep were spot on!)

Anyway, what joyous news! I had never even heard of sewing up your cervix until I read about your experience, and that's wonderful they can just do it early to avoid future problems.

Also, if by chance you ever move Utah, the cut-off date for Kindergarten is September 1st. So if Samuel comes as he should that day, you can make the choice whether or not to have him go to school (as the youngest, but still it might be nice to have the choice). Sept. 2nd they won't allow it. The reason I know and care is that I really am wishing this baby would come on Sept 1, that way she would be 3 years apart in school from my son instead of 4. But as it stands, we're scheduled for a Sept. 13 induction.

Anyway, nice to meet you. :)

angela michelle said...

that is good news. you're doing awesome.

Carl and Shirley Mautz said...

Nancy, this is the best news. We are so happy for you. You continue to be in our prayers morning and night. You and our Sam and Hannah will have babies very close in age. Hannah is being induced on Saturday. They are having a girl or at least that is what they've been told by the doctors. She has a caterer at a party tell her she had a pointy stomach and that she was really going to have a boy instead. We will see. The baby's name will be Emmeline Shirley Mautz. I am excited that one of my children would use my name. She is also being born on her father's birthday. I told Hannah that I thought that day was a great day to have a baby. Sam was my sunshine boy and a delightful child and grown son.

I can hardly wait to get home and see your new little Samuel. That is a great name and oh by the way, your little Sam is being born on my 38th wedding anniversary. September is a great month to have a baby in my opinion.

I love you my friend. Sorry this is such a long comment. I should have sent you an email instead.

Amanda said...

That is wonderful news! So happy for you and your family. My heart is full...