Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Thoughts

I thought I'd better balance out that last grumpy post with some of my happy thoughts.

My biggest happy thoughts come from this bassinet. I love it. It's beautiful and it makes me think of beautiful, small babies laying in it and sleeping happily.
Inside the bassinet, I lay one of Samuel's sweet, small outfits - to remind me again about the baby that will soon sleep there.
Taped to my cupboard are two lists. The one on the right is entitled "Samuel's Sudden Labor Plan" and has names and phone numbers of people who would have been called in to help had we needed to leave for the hospital in a hurry. My happy thought is that now, taped on the left cupboard, is another list entitled "The Official Schedule" that has each day this week listed and what is happening, who is in charge, who is bringing dinner, etc. So that the bevy of helpers and caregivers and parents can all stay on the same page. We made it to the actually planned part!
And finally, Ambien. It makes me happy. Sleep is very hard for me to come by these days, so each night I take one Ambien, climb into bed, and read by flashlight (so it doesn't bother Richard) until I literally drop the book in exhaustion. (I usually have to re-read the last few pages the next day because I was so out of it that I don't remember them.)
As the song goes, these are a few of my favorite things.


Clyde said...

If you're having these happy thoughts that means you're there already... See, you made it!

PS: Add to your official list: take a pic of the Samuel and post it as soon the baby is out for family and friends to OHHH! AHHH! the new little one! :0)

PSS: That sweet pic of the emptied bassinet makes me wants another cute soul to cuddle - Oh, well)

Mom said...

Much better! I was carrying a heavy burden with the responsibility of all the happy thoughts.