Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Companion

My sister, Angela, did a post yesterday on her blog about how thankful she is to have her loving husband as a "very supportive partner". Then she listed several examples of how he has helped her get the rest and nourishment she needs (she is expecting, too). And it got me thinking that I could certainly do a similar post for Richard. Certainly Richard has been going the extra mile (or 10) the last few months. He often acts as Dad and Mom.

But as I started thinking about the specific examples that I could use to copy Angela's post pattern, my thinking changed a little. What I am feeling most thankful for right now is not all the things that Richard does for me - even though they are numerous and could take up pages and pages if I started writing them down. What I am feeling most thankful for is the times when he and I can work together.

I am most thankful when I can work side-by-side with my companion. When we can co-parent. Tag team. Using each other's assets to the benefit of our family. Genesis tells us that "it is not good that man should be alone." I feel like in some ways Richard has had to work alone during this small trial of ours. And, in some ways, I have had to work alone, too, to grow this baby. But, in the end, we have each other to lean on. We know that the other has our backs.

I wish I was more eloquent so that I could express more deeply how thankful I am for Richard. More fully describe to you how hard he has been working. And to express my thanks for a normally healthy body that allows me to work beside my companion day after day.

Just to brag about my awesome husband a bit, here are a few examples of things Richard does for me every day (sometimes multiple times per day):

Refills my water, time after time
Fetches my pills
Brings me breakfast, often in bed
Thinks of my needs and wants when he's out running errands, bringing me treats and lunches and other things for my enjoyment
Wears a Breathe-Right strip at night since I sleep so delicately at this phase
Makes me cookies on demand (often)

There are plenty more things he does, not only for me but for our family, but those are a few of my favorites.

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angela michelle said...

love it. I agree it's so great to have a partner. tell Richard how much we appreciate him too.