Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Gymnastics

Naomi just finished her 10-week summer gymnastics class. She had a great time and really pushed herself to try new things without fear. This place was a real gymnastics training facility, not just a kiddie place. In fact, several Olympians train there right now! So she got to try things like jumping and/or flipping into a pit full of foam blocks, the uneven bars, flipping on a long straight trampoline, the parallel bars, etc. I never got to go see her do it, of course, but Nanny Amy took pictures during this last class (which wasn't easy since it's against the rules to take pictures in there - maybe because of the creep-factor with all those little girls in leotards, and maybe because there are secret Olympic routines being practiced).

I'm so proud of Naomi for never backing down from anything the teacher asked. She says that she even encouraged other children who were afraid to try some things. I'd love to keep her in gymnastics longer, but I think we'll just sit out this session - what with a new baby and school starting and all that. I'll put her back in after things settle down a bit.


angela michelle said...

cool moves, naomi!

kashurst said...

Oh my goodness! Who is that tall, lanky, beauty?! Way to go, Naomi!