Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ok, Ok...

(you should read pretty much this entire post in a begrudging, somewhat reluctant, grumpy tone.)

You all win. I've decided to wait until September 2 to have Samuel. After hearing a few horror stories and discussing my plan with my friend who is a post-natal nurse, I guess I have to agree that it would be silly to wait this long for Samuel and then force him to come out too early. Especially since my main concern with waiting until September 2 was just it being too close to when the other kids start school (Sept. 7). So, to calm that concern, I talked with my Mom about her definitely being here by then to help dote on my children on their first day of school. That makes me feel a little bit better. And doing what I think is best for Samuel helps me feel a little bit better, too. Plus, September 2 is less than a month away! I can live with that.

These decisions that I have to make between helping one of my children or the others really suck. Give Samuel a healthy birthday, or be there (emotionally) for the other three kids on their first day of school. Give Samuel a healthy birthday, or properly potty train Isaiah (which has to happen before Sept 7 when school starts or else Isaiah can't start school as planned). Choose, choose, choose. I really hate this feeling.

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angela michelle said...

sounds like a great idea to plan on having mom in place for the first day of school. you'll definitely appreciate the help on that day no matter samuel's location.