Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Caught Up

It's 5:15pm and I'm sitting on a kitchen chair. Doing nothing.

The kitchen is a total disaster. I haven't done any dishes all day. I should be making dinner. But I'm not. I'm sitting here with no energy at all. Thinking, "Is it bedtime yet?"

But it's not like I've sat around being lazy all day. The kids were all home from school today for a snow day. They played and I did laundry, took down Christmas decorations, finished a sewing project, put away 0-3 month baby clothes, and snuck in a nap at naptime. So, if I've been working all day long, why I am still sorely behind at 5:15pm?

Will I ever catch up? IS there such a thing as "caught up" when you're a mother and homemaker?

...I guess this blogging isn't really helping me catch up...


chelsea said...

I'd be caught up all the time if the little people didn't undo everything or wear clothes creating laundry!

erica said...

I only do dishes once a day. what does that tell you about me?